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#13884. I went up in the mountains in Arizona with a couple of friends to trip on Shroomz for the first time. I was the really loud obnoxious and talkative type. Three hours later I was really tired but because of the altitude I was still high. I retired to my tent to let my trip finish so I could get some sleep. Before I took the magickal shroomz my friend told me to go to the bathroom beforehand but I didn't listen. And I was too high and mighty to shit in the woods...but i had to go. The only ones still up were my best friend and her boyfriend. They were right outside my tent and complaining about how obnoxious I am when I'm high. So while I'm in my tent I'm trippin and thinking I'm Super MArio I laughed really fuckin hard and farted the fart to end all farts.

At least they stopped talking shit about me.