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#1757. Thunderclouds boiled in the sky.

Big, fat drops began to fall on our heads.

"Hurry!" he said, "Hurry, run, or we'll get wet!"

"No!" said I, "Don't run in unfamiliar woods! You'll break your--"

Him: "Aieee! My ankle! It's broken!"


Sometimes "I told you so" doesn't even begin to cover it.

#9165. i wear thongs. i wear garter belts with lacey-topped thigh highs. my pussy is completely hairless, as are my legs and underarms. i put on "fredricks of hollywood" corsets and such and dance in front of the mirror. i listen to alot of Lords of Acid, and i sleep in the nude. i am 5'5" 120lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes and if i may say so, a pretty face. i am an emotionally stable girl with a promising career in the visible future. oh yeah, and im going insane because I HAVENT HAD SEX IN ALMOST 4 YEARS. standards+willpower=misery

#3413. Ever heard that campfire song "princess pat"? it's about a rick-a-bam-boo and some shit. Anyways I thought that I was just being gross when i was bugging my friends about how it was really all about sex, the actions were rather sugestive. Well in the end I talked to one of the group leaders about said song, turns out it really is about sex. I little known fact. Damn. I wonder if those people feel bad about teaching 6 year olds that song....probably not.