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#14639. Sitting on my bike, waiting to cross the busiest street in Bumfuck, Indiana..

A shitty ford taurus creeps up behind me, then beside me.. I'm trying to ignore them because I know what will happen if I look..

and some shitty old man tweaks my ass from the passenger seat, while the teenager driving laughs his ass off.

2 hours and 20 minutes later, I realize that that man had been my teacher.

I wonder if he's as mortified as I am..

#14836. I met a guy in a bar who could sing just like Willie Nelson.

He told me he just got out of prison for bank robbery, after serving in the military for twenty years.

Guess he didn't learn too much.

#362. ill be 14 in 2 months. when i was 12 my mom told m i was the biggest mistake of her life. in other words a result of a bad condom.